Sunday, 17 August 2014

Red Bull Air Race - Ascot

Another Sunday adventure and off to Ascot we go. Perfect event times for the show 1pm - 6pm meaning no ridiculous early start on a Sunday nor a painfully late night to start the week!

Luckily the weather held out and despite having to collect our tickets from car park 5 there was minimal stress and queuing to enter. Held at the prestigious Ascot Racecourse this year's final was going to be intense! 

The day isn't just about the race though, there are many spectacular acts that take to the air each one as mind blowing as the next. Not to mention the event was packed with many other fun filled activities to watch and participate in including stunt shows by free runners and motorcyclists as well as the amazing red bull simulator which takes you on an real life experience of flying through the Ascot race course all by taking a seat in a well constructed cockpit and placing on a helmet!

The side acts began with a flyover from the Red Arrows, trailing their traditional red, white and blue patriotic smoke. A quick but none the less amazing experience, in fact it left me wanting more but luckily they will be in my home town next Wednesday 27th for the Torbay Regatta! 

Next we saw some breath taking stunts from a Chinook helicopter, literally flying vertically nose down then switching suddenly like a roller coaster so the nose was in the air. It is so surprising at how quick this hefty machine can move! Seriously you have to see it to believe it so take a look at the videos below: 

Following the Chinook was a well admired spitfire. Gliding through the sky like a bird and leaving its haunting motor sound hovering above. Of course the pilot showed off a few loop de loops and stunts before whizzing off into the distance. My Grandy has always admired the spitfires so this one's for you Grandy!

Lastly to build the tension before the grand finals we had a terrifying stunt from the Breitling Wing walkers. Stood on the top of the wings of 2 planes were some seriously brave people! Whilst the planes performed death-defying acrobatic routines the wing walkers stayed in one place and more importantly in one piece! 

After being left on the edge of our seats by the wing walkers it was time for the finals! A battle between 4 fantastic flyers: which saw 2 Brits (Nigel Lamb and Paul Bonhomme) face French Nicolas Ivanoff and Germany's Matthias Dolderer but it was the 2 Brits who took home the top spots on home turf with less than a second between them, what a win for Paul and a fantastic 2nd place to top off Nigel's Birthday! 

A huge well done to all that took part, what a fantastic day, great weather, amazing venue and super talented pilots!

Thank You!

See you next year Red Bull and see you in 10 days Red Arrows!


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